Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Guide

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Plasma cutters are nothing but machines that are used to cut different types of metals of different thicknesses; some movable and some fixed. These processes can be done manually or carried out as computerized operation. Different types of metals such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc can be cut through these cutters. These are best suited for the moderately thick metals not very thick. Other processes like punching holes, marking, shaping can also be done on this machine. Each Hypertherm plasma cutter has essential features designed as per the needs of the industries nowadays with latest technologies applied. Some of the features are:


Major focus is given to the terms of quality. With many years of experience and expertise team of technicians with deep knowledge of operations involved, we tend to provide fully tested and high quality plasma cutters of different sizes and shapes as per the need of the customers and processes that are going to be done.

Latest innovations

With increasing demands, the quality of the plasma cutters are developing with latest technologies implied to make the working easier. This includes high speed cutting, low maintenance cost, easy to use mechanism, and précised cutting to increase productivity. Also, these have long durational life.


Our products have different ranges according to the need of the processes to be done. Cutters that are handy, movable and compact are fast speed cutters designed so as to facilitate customers to use these anywhere they’d like in compact areas with different working conditions making it flexible to use.


Hypertherm plasma cutters are designed as such to fit in all the working conditions with long durability. Keeping this in mind, it undergoes many tests to ensure its quality and safety is maintained.

Some of the top Hypertherm plasma cutters reviews are as follows:

Hypertherm Powermax 30

This machine runs on compressed air; tends to be compact, movable and offers high speed, précised and fine cutting of different metals. Even thick metals can be cut by this small unit; it provides high performance factor. Design is ergonomically made, easy to use and understand the controls.

Hypertherm Powermax 45

This unit has best results for précised and fine cutting; runs on AC/DC power source. Also, perks of this unit is it has compact size and is portable. Suitable for people who need to carry the unit for doing different jobs at different work places. Other features of this machine includes high cutting speed, high quality cuts, many other operations other than cutting can be performed, very easy to use and understand  the unit controls. You can read detailed Hypertherm Powermax 45 review also.

Hypertherm Powermax 65

This unit comes with advanced technologies applied to it. Features include flexibility to do many jobs, Smart Sense technology automatically controls the gas pressure, CNC interfacing is available, time needed to switch the torches is very less, huge, small, manual or automated jobs can be easily done, fine cutting and smooth functioning.

Hypertherm has proven its worth by establishing such a wide range of plasma cutters for different work places. They are made to satisfy the customers and facilitate their requirements by high quality products. All the products are flexible, compact, ergonomically designed, easy to use, build with latest technologies, affordable, durable, easy to maintain and offer precision cutting. From heavy duty use to basic home use, it has wide range of products to offer to the customers to use in different circumstances. Best competition out there to others in the market, it has definitely kept itself up to date with implying latest technologies with growing needs of industries and other organizations. Features like Smart sense technology for pressure control, its ability to detect failure of electrode and automatically shutting down to protect other parts, ability to provide high quality précised cuts and other operational flexibility makes it the best option for the purchase.